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As the VP and Chief Operating Officer, Kayce Rehn is the creative mind and force behind the website and ensures that Big Picture students have a flawless online experience. Kayce is quite literally the "woman behind the curtain" who oversees operations, updates classrooms, designs and flows instructors' content, manages the interactive team and maintains the website, 24/7.

Kayce somehow finds time to scrapbook and loves to celebrate the little things in life. Scrapbooking helps her discover more about who she is and what she loves. Kayce sees each day as an opportunity to make the most of life and savor the little moments. To learn more about her life outside of Big Picture Classes, visit her blog at http://kaycerehn.typepad.com.

Q & A with Kayce...

BPC: What do we need to know about you?
[KR]: I'm a self-proclaimed computer geek, workaholic, and cat lover. I have big dreams and see everyday as an opportunity to make my dreams come true. I love movies and books. Organizing makes me happy. I'm a terrible cook.

BPC: What do you like about your friends?
[KR]: Their stick-to-it-ness. I work a lot, and sadly friends typically get pushed to the side. But they always make the effort to include me (even when they already know the answer); and when I call them, they are always there for me, no matter how long it's been.

BPC: Where do you hope to go?
[KR]: Hmmm, this is a pretty wide open question. I hope to have a successful career, marry a wonderful man, have two sweet children, work from home so I can raise my sweet children, star in CATS on Broadway (we are talking about hopes here), have enough free time to volunteer at an animal shelter, have an incredibly happy marriage, raise my children to be upstanding members of society, spend lots of time traveling, spend quality time with my family, grow in my faith and be a shining example to the world (think Gandhi), and ultimately pass on and go to heaven. Now really - that's not asking for much. ;)

BPC: What do you need everyday?
[KR]: A shower. Really - I can't go a day without a shower. When my family takes hiking trips, I will be in glacier water every day because I can't stand feeling dirty. The main reason I need them is because it's my creative time. I come up with most of my ideas in the shower. Note to self: I need a bigger water heater.

BPC: What's your favorite line?
[KR]: Right now, it's Crate Paper. I love the simple, small patterns and coordinated lines. I usually scrapbook with lots of card stock, and find their papers add just the right touch of pizzazz without overpowering my layout.

BPC: Where do you wish you could shop?
[KR]: I can easily see myself as a Pottery Barn/Crate & Barel/Nordstroms type of girl. My checkbook on the other hand, sees something different.

BPC: What do you believe in?
[KR]: Lots of things - I believe in God, that we are all His children, and that He loves us all more than we could ever imagine. I believe in the power of prayer. I believe all people are good at heart, it's circumstance and choice that causes them to stumble in life. I believe hard work pays off.

BPC: If you could take only one thing before you left the planet, what would you take?
[KR]: Wow - one thing. The first thing that comes to mind is a cat - does that qualify as a "thing"? I've had cats all my life, and so far, they've been a perfect companion. Independent, yet so full of love. The act of petting a cat releases stress; as long as your good to them they love you unconditionally; and they don't talk back.


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