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About Heidi Swapp...


BPC: What do we need to know about you?
[hks]: I am 10 minutes late to everything… and I am terrible at keeping secrets…especially exciting ones. I am a last minute kind of girl- it's never until the very last minute that I pull it together, and make it happen. Maybe I am just an adrenaline junkie! I drive the speed limit.

BPC: What do you like about your friends?
[hks]: they understand and accept all the things noted above, and they love me anyway! My life is totally crazy, and my friends know that-- they kinda laugh at me, and are amazing at supporting me, listening to me and somehow knowing exactly how to help me out. I am not good at letting people help me… my good friends know how to just take over!

BPC: Where do you hope to go?
[hks]: I am laughing as I am contemplating this question…in the past I might have rattled off a million destinations around the globe that I HOPE or DREAM of visiting… however, right now… this year… I HOPE to stay put. I hope to slow down just a little. I hope to focus on my home and balance things out a little. I HOPE to go nowhere.

BPC: What do you need everyday?
[hks]: A few minutes alone.
I am totally a people person. I love to be surrounded by friends and family…. but I also need quiet ALONE time. It might be thinking, praying, exercising, brainstorming, journaling, or creating. I think that is why I stay up so late… to be alone. I enjoy that.

BPC: What's your favorite line?
[hks]: MAC cosmetics for sure. (did you mean scrapbooking?)

BPC: Where do you wish you could shop?
[hks]: There is not too much I need that I can't find at Target… so I am in pretty good shape, there is one 4 miles from my house.

BPC: What do you believe in?
[hks]: I believe that you need to know what you want before you can get it.

BPC: If you could take only one thing before you left the planet, what would you take?
[hks]: You wouldn't imagine the myriad of things going through my mind as I am thinking about this question… if I could take something… I think it would be a new notebook and a pencil. I love to record my thoughts, feelings and experiences. Along with any inspirations! I think that leaving the planet would be a pretty cool adventure to remember.

BPC: Why do you like teaching at Big Picture Classes?
[hks]: What's not to love… I have loved the freedom to develop something that I am passionate about. I love that I can stay home to do it.! I LOVE using the Internet to connect and share. I love brainstorming with Stacy to come up with unique ideas and possibilities! I love that BPC values beautiful presentation… great branding … nicely done. I love the unlimited possibilities! It's fun to think about.


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