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Family Deck of Cards
Bring Your Family Back to the Table

Life is crazy! Finding quality time to spend with your family seems to be more and more elusive! And then once you have a moment - you wonder how to spend it. How about a fun, educational, interactive, personalized, family card game? Take some of your favorite family photos and a few fun facts and put them into a card project with one of the fastest growing personal publishing companies -- Heritage Makers.

Join me, Randi Brunt, professional photographer, mother and Heritage Makers extraordinaire, as I take you step-by-step through this fun project. I have been working as a consultant for Heritage Makers for almost two years now and I love it! In my photography business, I LOVE to see the connection between parents and children. When I came across Heritage Makers, I knew right away it was the perfect format for pairing my images with useful and fun projects, that would mean something for the families I photographed and for my own!

As you work on this project with me, your love for your family will grow. You will learn things about them that you didn't know or expect to learn. You will see things in them that you hadn't seen there before. Then - when you receive your deck of cards (this is the BEST part) you'll be ready to play your first game. Your family will eagerly gather together to look at each other's cards (HEY! No cheating!), and read the little details. I can promise that it will build their self-esteem, improve the quality of your family time and build stronger relationships. Unfortunately, I can't promise that you will win!

There are other games to play with your card deck as well: War, Golf, Oh Heck, Matching, Go Fish, and many more!

NOTE: Big Picture Classes is pleased to offer Randi's class as a service to our students who would like to experience the one-on-one guidance provided by a Heritage Makers consultant. Please note that there will be additional fees associated with purchasing product from Heritage Makers. If you have any questions about this project or Heritage Makers before registering, you may email Randi Brundt.

Randi's class includes:

  • Welcome note from Randi in the classroom.
  • How to Get Started/ Supply list with a live link to Heritage Makers.
  • Exclusive UNO card deck template in your Heritage Makers account.
  • Voice message available as streaming audio, downloadable MP3 files and transcripts.
  • Downloadable PDF guide on how to use the Heritage Makers studio.
  • Instructional video.
  • Private posting gallery to share your work and view the work of your classmates.

Taught by: Randi Brunt
Price: $5.00
Class Duration: Instant Download
Registration: Registration has closed.
Class Pre-work: Before you begin, may I suggest that you create a photo folder entitled "HM Card Deck"… and keep it somewhere handy like your desktop. Then go through your photos and find 40-50 of your favorites — the ones that mean something to you, to use on your cards; a recent vacation, 2009 photos, Our Funny Faces, etc. This way, when you are ready to upload your photos, you can just select your whole folder and zip, zap, it's done!

Additional Items: You do not need any additional software to use Heritage Makers. Since it is all web-based, you can work on your project from any computer with high-speed internet access. However, Heritage Makers works best on Firefox, and requires some Adobe plug-ins. When logging in, if these plug-ins are missing, you will be prompted to install them.

A full UNO deck is 108 cards, which is why you are purchasing two 52-card decks, both with 2 additional cards. The 4 additional cards can be deleted if you wish, or will increase your price upon check out by $2.00.

Please Note: The month of free Premier Studio art will end 30 days from the first day of activation. If you need to purchase a longer Premier membership, please contact me! Once you have activated your account, go to MY ACCOUNT and click the activate button to start your month of PREMIER. You may need to log out and log in again to have this take affect. Once your Premier is activated, you are ready to go!

Important information about Self-Paced Projects at Big Picture Classes!
Self-Paced Projects are instant download classes that allow you to participate at BPC anytime! These classes are different from our interactive workshops. There are no starting or ending dates -- you may enroll at any time. This flexibility also means, that there will not be the level of teacher and student interaction that we enjoy in our workshops. You will receive handouts to print and an audio file to listen to, but there are typically no message boards or chats.

Even though these classes offer less interaction, you are not alone! If you need help, email us at admin@bigpictureclasses.com. Enjoy!


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