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Quick & Creative Quizzes

Quick & Creative Quizzes: 125 Journaling Questions to Ask and Answer

Taught by Angie Lucas, Wendy Smedley

Cat got your tongue? We’ll help you get it back! Chock full of fun-to-complete, easy-to-use questions, Quick & Creative Quizzes will show you 20 ways to both simplify and spice up your scrapbook journaling. From questions for couples and kids to an all-purpose, fill-in-the-blanks event quiz, you’ll find something to fit every layout. A must-have for scrapbookers of all levels.

  • 10 unique & easy-to-answer quizzes
  • 20 journaling-rich layout ideas
  • 125 questions to spark new stories

Better Together: Also check out Quiz Printables by Cathy Zielske, which includes printable versions of ten of the 13 quizzes found in Quick and Creative Quizzes.

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Wendy Smedley and Angie Lucas have both been scrapbooking since the late 1990s. They met as editorial staff members of Simple Scrapbooks magazine (R.I.P.), which inspired scrapbookers worldwide from 2002 to 2009. The author of three print books about scrapbooking, Wendy documents her life on Instagram. Angie, the editorial director of Big Picture Classes and founder of Ella Publishing Co., blogs at

The "e" in "eBook" stands for "electronic" and we also like to think it stands for "extraordinary." Originally published under the Ella Publishing Co. label, all Big Picture Classes eBooks are professionally designed, educational books about scrapbooking and crafting, delivered in an electronic format. 

When you purchase one of our eBooks, you download a high-resolution .pdf (portable document format). A .pdf file can be opened by several standard preview programs or the free Adobe Reader software, which comes pre-installed on many computers but can also be downloaded for free at Our eBooks are designed to be printer-friendly and can be read on any tablet device that is capable of reading PDF documents. These eBooks will be available for download in your account until January 31, 2015.

  • Instant download
  • PDF format
  • 29 pages
  • Printer friendly

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