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Photo Freedom

Photo Freedom: A Big Picture Approach to Organizing and Scrapbooking Your Photographs

Taught by Stacy Julian

Now available as a downloadable eBook! Originally published under the Simple Scrapbooks magazine brand and sold in craft and scrapbooking stores worldwide, Stacy Julian's Photo Freedom sold out in record time and has unavailable for years. Until now.

Are you ready to get those photos out of the shoeboxes, off your computer and into your life? Stacy Julian can help!

As founder of online education here at Big Picture Classes and author of two previous books, one of which launched Simple Scrapbooks magazine, Stacy has already helped thousands of people in their quest to be free from guilt, free from unrealistic expectations, and free from the burden of gajillions of pictures and digital images.

In Photo Freedom, Stacy shares an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at her innovative Library of Memories system. Her all-encompassing approach for purging, prioritizing, organizing and tracking photos will:

  • liberate you from your piles of photos 
  • teach you how to organize and store physical prints and digital images
  • help you have more fun with your memory keeping
  • get your pictures off your computer and into albums
  • sustain your enthusiasm and creativity for making memories and for preserving them

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Stacy Julian is a life enthusiast and creativity junkie who lives and creates in Washington state. Founder of, Stacy inspires scrapbookers worldwide with her online classes, books, articles, in-person appearances, keynote addresses, and more.

The "e" in "eBook" stands for "electronic" and we also like to think it stands for "extraordinary." Originally published under the Ella Publishing Co. label, all Big Picture Classes eBooks are professionally designed, educational books about scrapbooking and crafting, delivered in an electronic format. 

When you purchase one of our eBooks, you download a high-resolution .pdf (portable document format). A .pdf file can be opened by several standard preview programs or the free Adobe Reader software, which comes pre-installed on many computers but can also be downloaded for free at Our eBooks are designed to be printer-friendly and can be read on any tablet device that is capable of reading PDF documents. These eBooks will be available for download in your account until January 31, 2015.

  • Instant download
  • PDF format
  • 132 pages
  • Printer friendly

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