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Grammar-Free Journaling

Grammar-Free Journaling: Tell Fun New Stories with 12 Unique Journaling Strategies—No Paragraphs Required!

Taught by Angie Lucas

These unconventional (and yet entirely useful) writing strategies will have you telling awesome stories in completely new ways. Would you like to be free? To be Grammar Free? Here's how:

Who's teaching this class? Hi, I'm Angie Lucas, word nerd extraordinaire, and I'll be yourGrammar-Free Journaling instructor.

Is "grammar-free journaling" a thing, or did Angie Lucas make it up? Okay, okay, I made it up. The idea is to tell truly compelling stories in creative new formats using the fewest words possible—and to stress less about paragraph flow, sentence structure, transitions, and the rules of writing.

What does Angie Lucas have against grammar? Absolutely nothing! I'm willing to bet that I love grammar even more than you do. But just in case you don't like it, I'll show you 12 useful strategies for skipping the grammar altogether.

What if I like to write 15 paragraphs for every layout? Lengthy, soul-searching journaling is wonderful for certain stories. But there are many other stories that are better told using a list, a quiz, a chart, a single sentence, or even a little strategy I like to call "painless poetry." You'll like it!

What if I'm not a very good writer? A: You're better than you think you are. B: You don't have to be a great writer for this class; that's the beauty of going grammar free! C: You should always have at least three items in a list. (There's a little taste of the invaluable writing tips in store for you in this workshop!)

Will I walk away from this workshop with at least 12 completed layouts and dozens more stories that I can't wait to sit down and scrapbook? Yes.

Will there be pop quizzes? There will be quizzes. But students are expected to provide their own soft drinks.

Registration closes on 8/8/2014 11:00:00 PM

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  • Six informative videos from Angie
  • A Grammar-Free Journaling Handbook you'll refer to throughout the class and perhaps for the rest of your life
  • 12 individual strategies, each illustrated by two or more scrapbook layouts, with clear ideas to try at home
  • 34 example layouts, most designed by Angie, with guest designers Wendy Smedley, Elizabeth Dillow, Maddie Dillow, Gracie Dillow, and Bridget Dillow
  • A free 90-page copy of List It! Everyday Life printable prompted lists—a value of $9.99
  • Bonus downloadable (and printable) quizzes and lists
  • Email access to Angie during the four-week class period
  • Message board to share your thoughts with your classmates
  • Gallery for sharing your work
  • Handy dandy blog buttons so you can spread the grammar-free love
  • One live chat with Angie
  • New for 2014: Four fabulous contributors will share a new take on each of the 12 challenges. Introducing Natalie Elphinstone, Maggie Massey, Jennifer Gallacher, and Donna Jannuzzi!

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