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Craft Happy

Craft Happy: Make 5 Fun Gifts with Fabric and Fripperies

Taught by Amy Powers

4-week guided workshop • Starts October 2, 2014

Crafting queen Amy Powers is knocking on your door, asking if you can come out and play—for four fun weeks! Introducing Craft Happy, a crafting adventure that will have you creating beautiful things with fabric, flotsam, and fripperies.*

This is your chance to pick up new skills, connect with cheerful crafters worldwide, and create beautiful things just for the fun of it.

Each project will be introduced in a fun video from Amy along with a colorful handout that will outline the necessary supplies and steps.

Amy Powers is the creator of the online magazine Inspired Ideas and she blogs at Amy believes that happiness is contagious—and craftiness is, too. And you'll believe it as well when Amy is through with you!

* "Flotsam" and "fripperies" are just fun ways of saying bits and baubles, odds and ends, unnecessary adornments, trimming, prettification…

Registration closes on 10/8/2014 10:00:00 PM

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About Amy

Like most middle children, Amy Powers learned early how to entertain herself marvelously. An active imagination decorated her world and occupied her mind. She grew up making art, writing stories, and telling the most extravagant lies you've ever heard. She still remembers precisely what it was like to be that little girl. A few decades later, Amy's still making stuff and writing about it. And although she might still stretch the truth once or twice, for the sake of a good story, you can count on her to be honest.

Amy lives in the Washington, D.C., suburbs with her husband, Rich, and their adorable son, Alfredo. She's always making something, and you can follow along on her blog, Inspire Co. She's currently producing an online crafting magazine, Inspired Ideas, which is full of, well, inspired ideas.

Craft Happy is back for another run! This "best of" version includes:

  • Five fun projects
  • Video tutorials with detailed instructions for each project
  • Colorful instructional handouts with clear step-by-step instructions for each project
  • Supply list by project with live links to product resources
  • Welcome notes in the classroom from Amy
  • Reminder emails when classroom is updated with new materials
  • Active message board to share thoughts and questions with classmates and Amy
  • Private posting gallery to share your creations and view other's work
  • Two live video chats with Amy
  • Email access to Amy

Does this class look familiar? Amy previously taught Craft Happy as a 12-week 4Expert workshop in October 2013. This class is a compilation of five of Amy's favorite projects from this class. Go to My Classes and scroll down to Completed to check if Craft Happy is already in your account. Still need help? Email

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  • Online classroom
  • Videos
  • PDF handouts
  • Downloads
  • Live chats
  • Message board
  • Student gallery

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