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Candid Kid Captures
Photographing Children from Babies to Teens

If you've ever struggled to capture that perfect picture of a child—one that's actually in focus, with smiling faces and sparkling eyes—then you are ready for Candid Kid Captures! Through a series of instructional videos (with detailed photography set-ups) and colorful instructional handouts, this class is packed with every tip, trick and secret you can imagine on getting the very best photos of kids at any age. No more "say cheese" photos. Instead, imagine admiring a photo YOU took—one that showcases genuine smiles, tells captivating stories, and conveys innocence and joy all from one simple camera click.

After completing this class, you will have books and folders overflowing with information on the very best techniques for capturing children in every stage. You'll be able to take amazing candid and posed pictures of your own children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and friends. No more cheesy school pictures and lame soccer poses! Every picture you take will showcase your child's unique personality and tell beautiful stories of his life. Elisha's goal for you is to have a home filled to the brim with captivating photos of little ones—each one specially designed and developed by YOU to bring smiles and joy for generations to come.

Elisha's photography has been featured in publications like Creating Keepsakes and Simple Scrapbooks, as well as many websites, blogs and online reviews. She is one of three authors of Picture Perfect, an eBook detailing pro tips for capturing stellar photos of children. She actively participates in online photo challenges and has been recognized many times for her unique portraits. Candid Kid Captures is the fourth in a series of popular photography classes that Elisha has taught at Big Picture Classes.

For years Elisha has created thousands of artful photos of children at every age. As a professional, Elisha's goal is to make sure each child's photo is one-of-a-kind and elicits pure joy, spectacular simplicity and unmatched innocence. Her photography passion is rooted in perfectly preserving unique, special and everyday moments in a child's life. And she's here to show you how you can do the same.

Listen to Elisha's introduction of Candid Kid Captures:

Elisha's class includes:
  • Reminder emails when the classroom is updated with new materials
  • Weekly streaming video messages with descriptive and detailed photography set-ups and pull-backs
  • Colorful instructional handouts with step-by-step instructions, tips and examples for each type of photo shoot
  • A downloadable and customizable Photoshop storyboard template for your photos
  • Welcome notes from Elisha in the classroom
  • Supply list
  • Private posting gallery to share your work and view the work of your classmates
  • An opportunity for Elisha to critique your best photo at the end of class
  • Email access to Elisha
  • Message board to share your thoughts with your classmates and ask Elisha questions
  • A class blog where Elisha will provide additional tips and instruction, and feature hand-picked photos from the student gallery
Taught by: Elisha Snow
Class Duration: 6 Weeks
Start Date: February 28, 2013
End Date: April 10, 2013
Price: $89.00
Register Today: Registration has closed.
Registration End: Registration will close March 11, 2013 at 10:00pm.
Class Pre-Work:

Your pre-class assignment is to look all around for inspiration on photographing children. Take time to notice billboards, magazines and other printed resources with pictures that strike you in one way or another. Write down in a notebook exactly what it is that you like about that photo as a reference for your future photography endeavors. Photographing children truly is an endeavor—the best endeavor ever!


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